Apple Watch + Access Irvine


Oh, hey, what’s that?




Access Irvine now works on  Watch

Irvine is the first city with an official  Watch App, and it’s super-simple to use. Check it out:

1. Install the Access Irvine app on your iPhone


Access Irvine on the App Store

Install Access Irvine


2. Tap the Access Irvine logo on your  Watch

Navigate to the Apple Watch launcher screen, and tap the Irvine logo. It looks like this:

City of Irvine icon

Like this, but smaller


3. Browse City Events

Apple Watch will load the City Events and display them in a vertically-scrollable list. Current and on-going events show up at the top of the list, and future events are towards the bottom.


City Events List



4. Tap an event to get the details

Once you find an interesting event, tap it to reveal the event’s details. You’ll see the event’s image, title, dates, times, and description. Just swipe up on your Apple Watch to keep reading.


Event Details


That’s it for now…

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